Snoring Nation

Its official, Britain is a snoring nation. It has been revealed that a quarter of us snore, but worse still is that two in three snore so loudly that they are keeping there partners awake at night.

The survey also revealed there are five common types of snorers. What type are you?

The old Banger is someone who sounds like an old banger car.

The McEnroe is someone who sounds like an over enthusiastic tennis player grunting

The Snorchestra is someone who like all the best orchestras start off softly before building to an epic crescendo.

The Snorter is someone who sounds like a horse after running the Grand National.

The Walrus is someone who like the Walrus grunts continuously, no matter how many times you jab your elbow into them.

While snoring may be amusing to some for others it is a living hell. Snoring can have a real affect on relationships and health. Partners of snorers are losing sleep which is having adverse affects on there lives at home and at work. Lack of sleep can also lead to a number of health problems.

There are numerous causes of snoring such as:

Drinking causes your muscles to relax more than normal when you are asleep.

Smoking can irritate the lining of the throat and nasal passages causing swelling and catarrh.

Sleeping position can affect snoring if you sleep on your back, your tongue, chin and any excess fatty tissues under your chin will relax and squash your airways.

Diets, especialy poor ones,  can cause snoring by adding extra weight and pressure on your airways.

Many snoring aids available may be able to help cure your problem as will a reduction in drinking and smoking plus eating a healthy diet. If however they after all this snoring still occur it might be worthwhile to consult your doctor.

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