Accident Compensation Claim Why Should You Miss Out?

Each year in the UK thousands of people fall victim to accidents that are caused by other people’s negligence or failure to comply with basic health and safety protocol. Some of these injuries include back related pain, whiplash, strained or damaged muscles and broken or fracture bones. Injuries like these can lead to employees having to take short or long term time away from work.

There are two main types of injury that people look to get compensation for and those are usually work related injuries or road traffic accidents. Many people look to obtain accident compensation claims that suffer from ongoing injuries as a result of the accident or have suffered from a loss of earnings. This article will address two common areas of accidents in the UK, the reasons for the accidents and the motivation for a claim.

Work related injuries

Many work related accidents are down to the carelessness of co workers, and their lack of consideration towards health and safety guidelines. One such cause of an accident can be found in the form of the narrow plastic straps that are used to secure large deliveries of goods to the pallets. Peoples unwillingness to dispose of these straps correctly are a common cause of many warehouse slips and trips leading to back injuries as well as broken and fractured bones. Other such causes of injuries at work can be attributed to wet floors that haven’t been cleaned up and incorrect lifting of heavy objects. Employers are continually under more and more pressure to enforce health and safety measures and make the working environment a safer place.

Road traffic accidents

Plenty of injuries are caused each year by road traffic accidents. Hundreds of people are not fortunate enough to walk away from such collisions, and those that do, can suffer from long term injuries. Many of these accidents can be related to a lack of concentration or lack of consideration from other road users, but this is little comfort for those involved in such incidents. However, the ability to claim financial compensation is something that people choose to pursue for any injuries suffered either short or long term. Loss of earning plays a part in the compensation claims as those who suffer still have bills to pay. Many people use the money that they receive to make life more comfortable after their injury.

A claim can be made up to three years after your injury; this is to allow people that suffer from injuries that don’t always occur after the accident happens. The amount you get from any compensation claim will vary on elements like how badly hurt were you and how long did you suffer? Some things that you should also consider is do the firm taking up my claim offer a no win, no fee basis? And will I get 100% of my compensation? It is well worth using a reputable company to advise you on accident claims as there are a lot of companies out there that can be misleading and not always offer you the best deal.

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