Snoring can put a stop to your sex life

We all know that snoring can be a real pain and can hamper your sleep but it could also put serious strain on your sex life and relationships. A recent survey suggested a massive 75% of British people snore, 33% of which snore so badly that it is impacting on not only there nights sleep but also there partners.

Such lack of sleep will over time start impacting on or personal and professional life. Each year it is estimated billions is lost at work to a lack of productivity caused by lack of sleep because we all find it much harder to concentrate when we are tired. This is obviously not good for our working life, especially in such harsh economic times where jobs can be precarious. A lack of sleep can also affect us outside of work too, being constantly tired makes us more irritable and quick to anger. Snoring is also putting many single people of from starting relationships as they think their snoring may scare away potential partners.

Snoring is also having a nock on effect onto people sex lives. Of those surveyed who said they snored 21% considered them selves less attractive as a result of their snoring. 10% felt so embarrassed by their condition that they put of sleeping with a new partner for fear of embarrassing themselves by snoring after sex, a common problem among men. A lack of sleep and tiredness also puts many of from sex especially late at night.

Some people may be lucky enough to be able to stop snoring quite easily while other find their condition much more severe, either way it is worth investigation solutions to the problem to help keep your relationship on track and stay productive in the work place.

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