Top Gadgets that make disabled life easier

Brotherwood adapted carWe all take for granted how easy it is to move around and to simply climb the stairs or walk down the garden, but what if you woke up one morning and were unable to do these things? Or if a loved one is now suffering, Is there anything you can do to help or support them?

What products on the market are making Mobility easier? And giving independence back to those who feel they are loosing their freedom.

There are many products on the market which can make everyday life that little but easier, from Stair lifts to easy access vehicles and Mobility Scooters. How times have changed, before mobility issues were never discussed, now they are talked about, and you even see the companies advertising on the television.

Each one in its own way has an impact on the less able and makes their day to day life that little bit easier and maintains their dignity and independence.

The Stair lift has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and is now is not such a taboo subject. They are easy to use and it wouldn’t matter if you were left handed or right handed, they are quiet and fold up so the stairs is usable for everyday normal use. The stair lift can provides the less able with freedom and independence which in turn allows People to remain in their own homes longer rather than go into a residential home or move from their family home to a smaller property.

Other products which have been designed to help with mobility are cars with more space and leg room, car such as Renault Modus or Kia Sedona are known as wheelchair accessible vehicles. With wide doors and plenty of room inside making it easy for getting in and out of a vehicle with little or no hassle. And The Kia Sedona boasts a door at the back to enable a wheel chair to be set in the back. With Plenty of Boot space as well it makes it easy to have your walking frame or wheelchair in the back.

Another method open to those less able but still craving independence is the Mobility scooter are a great way to get from A to B, especially if they are no longer able to drive or walk great distances, There are a range of Mobility scooters on the market which range in price and capabilities and a number of  outlets which will enable you to choose the right scoter for you, The freedom of going to the shops or out to the park is something that will make all the difference to those who became reliant of family and friends to take them out.

You may be tempted by the cheapest disability scooter on sale or the cheapest Stair lift, especially if you have a set budget, but remember to treat the process a bit like you would when buying a car, for example you wouldn’t buy the cheapest car in the showroom if it didn’t fit your needs just because it was the cheapest! Whilst trying different scooters, stair lifts and wheelchair accessible cars make sure you can drive them test them and see them working as they are still a few cowboys out there that will try to sell you something that in not always right for you.

Then you can begin to regain you independence and enjoy the freedom that you have gained in making a few simple changes.

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