Top Tips for Avoiding Cycle Accidents (For the Driver)

So many people become injured each year on the highways and result in road traffic accident claims which in turn make life harder for those involved. If you are a regular road user it becomes quite common to let standards slip after you passed your test. Perhaps it’s down to the fact that we believe that we have become more experienced and know of a better way to drive or that we just become a little lazy behind the wheel.

This article will highlight a few things we should continually be aware of in order to avoid having an accident with a cyclist whilst making us safer drivers.

1.      Become More Observant
You have to remember that you need to watch where you are going but also what is around all areas of the car. If you are an experienced driver you would have most likely seen cyclists weaving in and out of cars whilst you have been sitting at the traffic lights. It becomes important that you check all surrounding areas of the car before pulling away.

2.      Take The Time to Look
At junctions it becomes all too easy to take a quick glance to check for traffic. Most people do this so they don’t have to stop the car at the junction. It seems that people don’t always register what they see, and more often than not people approach a junction looking only for other cars. This is when a cyclist or motorcyclists are overlooked and then the car driving pulls out on to their path and a collision is only moments away.

3.      Give Cyclists More Room
It can be difficult (especially on some of the country roads in Britain) to give cyclists a wide birth when overtaking. Not allowing the cyclists enough room could intimidate them and cause them to become unstable and in seconds be under your car. Try and give them as much room as possible, but make sure that you are not pulling far enough out to collide with on coming traffic.

4.      Give Them Some Respect
A good example of this would be if you are waiting to overtake but can’t. If it isn’t safe to overtake just be patient. Driving close to the cyclist and trying to get them to move over closer to the hedge won’t encourage them to take you in to consideration, but instead push them to make unsafe decisions that could lead to an accident.

Just by following these simple steps you might find that you develop a great appreciation for the cyclist. You need to consider their position and what behavior you would appreciate if you were on the bike.

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