Accidents can happen anywhere – part 1

Accidents are going to happen, and no one is immune from this. You, me and the rich and famous are all prone to them. Yet there are several levels of accidents that occur. From the very minor to the fatal, each one is still considered an accident. For some people an accident can be through not fault of their own, and they become caught up in it all. But for some, they are the cause of accidents. People many years ago did not have the benefit of a no win no fee solicitor to make a compensation claim on their behalf, in those days it was just put to down to bad luck.

Many things can be a contributor to an accident but more often then not, it is usually down to a persons lack of consideration for someone else’s welfare.

This is a two part blog post that will look at some accidents that have been fatal to people and the reasoning behind them.

In 1814, 9 people were reported killed when 323,000 gallons of beer gushed onto the streets. ‘The London Beer Flood’ occurred when a local brewery burst their vats and the streets became engulfed with beer. This was probably caused by a build up of pressure or an improper storage container.

1912 saw the death of Franz Reichelt a local tailor, fall to his death from the Eiffel Tower. The tailor did not commit suicide but was trying to display the effectiveness of his invention, the coat parachute. It was it first ever attempt with the coat and he had previously told local authorities that he would use a dummy for the first run. Might have been a good idea to stick with the dummy.

This gives you an insight to the possible ways in which accidents can occur and not only change, but end some peoples lives. The Second part of this post will be available to read soon.

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