Bruce Lees Death – Accident or Not

Bruce Lee

For many people, Bruce Lee was an icon. Actor, film star, martial artist, philosopher, film director, screen writer and founder of the Jeet Kune Do concept, he is, for many people, the most influential martial artist of the 20th Century.

Lee was a great influence on film and martial arts and many people were in disarray at hearing of his passing. To make matters worse he was to die at the young age of 32. As with any untimely death of someone cut down in their prime, rumors began to surface about the star’s death.

Many stories surround his death. Some people say that an accident claimed his life when filming his latest movie. Others believe that he was injured on set whilst working and his body was then moved to another location to remove suspicion.

Some theories are a little more speculative. It is rumored that the star could have died in a multitude of ways. One theory was that Hong Kong Triads (gangsters) had killed him, as he had refused to pay them protection money like many other Chinese movie stars did at that time. An additional theory was that Bruce Lee was cursed as he had just bought a house that was haunted and this was all contributing towards his untimely death.

Other suggestions indicate that he had angered the Chinese Martial Arts industry by teaching foreigners his skills and he was then killed in a challenge match. One far fetched theory suggests that the star is not actually dead and instead has gone undercover working for the Chinese police trying to break into the Chinese Mafia and then when the time is right he will be reintroduced back in to society.

What ever the reason is for his death there are plenty of theories to fuel the fire of what might have happened to this star.

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