Knee Injury Accidents

Knee InjuryThere are many things that people take for granted. Their health is one of those things. It’s true what people say, you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. There is a lot of value in this statement. Once you have suffered from an injury it can be months or years until the full use of that part of the body becomes useful again, if ever.

There is one body part that once injured can prevent you living the life you currently enjoy. The knee is an essential element to everyday living and once damaged can cause you long term discomfort and restrict mobility.

Sporting injuries are usually the most common cause of long term knee damage yet road traffic accidents also have a massive impact on the long term health of the knee. A car accident can leave you disabled and the loss of the use of the knee can leave you severely disabled.

The knee allows you a vast amount of movement that over wise would make life very difficult indeed. Bending, lifting, kicking, walking and running would become a mammoth task whilst carrying out every day activities.

Damage to the bone, cartilage or ligament can leave you in substantial pain and suffering. These injuries can come in the forms of many different pains:

A sprain
this is usually caused when a ligament has been over stretched and can result in a twisting or wrenching.

an injury like this occurs when a tendon or a muscle is over stretched

A tear
this is a painful experience and will result in a torn ligament or meniscus

These then go on to cause swelling, joint pain and instability. One such example would be that of a slippery floor. How many times have you walked into a shopping centre and the floor has been wet due to rain, almost slipping up. If you had fallen then a knee injury would have more than likely followed. If there was no indication that the floor was wet you may be entitled to make a no win no fee claim.

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