£3 Million payout

A women who has been suffering from injuries that she sustained 37 years ago at birth has successfully won compensation.

Helen Walker has need constant care since her birth on 1972. The delivery that she experienced was prolonged and led to problems.

Until this point Ms Walkers parents had taken the task of providing for and caring for their daughter as just a matter of circumstance. It was brought to their attention that they might have a compensation claim over 10 years ago so the proceedings began.

The settlement amount was awarded to Ms Walker and the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority was required to paid the agreed amount.  Speaking on behalf of the authority Terence Coghlan QC, explained that they regretted the negligence and wished the family well.

Ms Walker is set to receive the money in periodic payments that should amount to the sum of £3 million.

This money should make life a little more comfortable for Ms Walker and should help reduce the strain and pressure put on her parents.  The settlement will help provide for Ms Walkers future and ensure that she is secure.

Although normally claims like this are only made when a child is still young there are still some cases that will enable some people to make a no win no fee compensation claim.

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