4K Mattress Crash

There are many hazards out there on the roads and much of what happens we are not ready for. So imagine the surprise when an OAP was hit by a mattress when driving on the motorway.

The elderly gentleman who was 71 years old at the time of the incident was hit by a mattress when driving on the M8 near Glasgow. He was struck with the item when a car in front was transporting the mattress and had come loose from the load.

Mr. Thomas Aitchieson was ordered to pay the elderly gentleman, Mr. McKenna, £3770 in damages.

Mr. Aitchieson has admitted liability for causing the road traffic accident. It was decided that compensation for the accident was due to Mr. McKenna for the injuries that he has sustained due to the actions of Mr. Aitchieson.

In a process that failed to see Mr. Aitchiesons load being secured properly meant that through no fault of his own Mr. McKenna was caught up in what unfolded and was consequently suffered from injury.

An incident like this flags up the sometime overlooked safety concerns that is often associated with the transportation of goods. It’s not uncommon to see a poorly loaded vehicle or trailer that looks suspiciously unstable or overloaded.

This plays a large warning to the consideration that is needed when it comes to loading up a trailer or car with goods that are not suited to that purpose.

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