Compensation Pay Out

There are many things that can lead to a compensation claim, an traffic accident, a fall at work or even a botched operation procedure are just a few. In a time where people should be more aware of their responsibilities there still seems to a proportion of claims that are still being made.

The medical profession is a good example of this, perhaps due to the nature or risk of the job, if things go wrong then a compensation claim is usually sought after.
A hospital in Barnsley has paid out £678,245 so far in compensation to a group of women who suffered from serious problems after surgery.

The surgeon had been suspended on full pay after the claims had come to light. The 19 women affected had suffered serious pain, injury and disfigurement after the surgery. Many of the women aged between 30 and 65 who had the surgery had been treated after breast cancer. Some women are still awaiting their compensation claim.

There are still 6 outstanding claims that need to be settled, and the trust are working hard to ensure that the claims are settled as quickly and as reasonably as possible.

The surgeon involved has been instructed to work only under supervision and training.

Events like this flag up the need for care and attention to applied, not just by the people who are carrying out the work but by the people who are allowing the work to be undertaken. It’s all too common that malpractice goes unnoticed for too long and effects too many people’s lives.

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