Spa Treatment’s Basis: Balneotherapy

Balneotherapy is the treatment of disease by bathing, and is the basis of modern day spas (yes, even the ones that you’d enjoy on a relaxing Wales spa break. The treatments nowadays also incorporate the use of muds and clays, which is actually an element of fangotherapy, but they work alongside each other very well.

Balneotherapy can involve being submerged in water, lying in water, moving in water or having water flow over you, and whilst it was originally intended as a treatment for diseases, it is also now used for relaxation.

Part of the health benefits associated with balneotherapy is that the waters used are normally rich in minerals, and can help keep skin healthy. If the water is not already mineral water, these will often be added, along with aroma therapy oils to help with relaxation.

The treatments that balneotherapy and fangotherapy offer are also now largely used in beauty therapy, as they can smooth wrinkles and revitalise skin, though when they are used as such, they cease to be balneotherapy, as balneotherapy refers specifically to the use of these for treating disease.

Whilst all of this is interesting to know, it’s much better to experience the treatments on your own Wales spa holiday.

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