Serious Snoring Test

A new test is currently being devised by the University of Chicago to easily identify if someone’s snoring is serious or safe by testing a patient’s urine.

A study was conducted which looked at 90 children who were referred to a sleep clinic in order to examine their breathing problems.30 control children were also used in the study. The experiment showed that there are more proteins present in the urine of children diagnosed with serious snoring than those who suffer with safe snoring. The university team behind the findings have stressed that the experiment will have to be repeated before a simple and accurate test can be created.

It’s important that the more serious snoring conditions such as OSA can be detected as early as possible. OSA or obstructive sleep apnoea can cause a range of problems in children such as mental, behavioural, metabolic and cardiovascular problems. It is estimated that 3% of all children aged 9 and under suffer from OSA.

The scientists used a process involving fluorescent dyes in order to separate the proteins in the urine. By doing this they discovered three proteins with a high concentration in children with OSA. Researchers have stated that further work is needed to identify which proteins will work best for the test and a what time it is best to collect the urine samples.

Scientists are also looking at ways to make the appear as a colour much like a pregnancy test, which could be used by doctors and parents to easily identify the results.

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