Compensation Claims For Pot Holes To Be Reduced?

Due to the sheer quantity of accident compensation claims during the snow we experienced at the beginning of this year and the end of the last, it has become apparent that there are many people looking to make a claim.

Pot holes were not only responsible for these incidents but also became much worse after the snow had passed which left many drivers and pavement users caught off guard, resulting in various accidents across the UK.

The sheer volume of these accidents have allowed the flood gates to swing open on compensation claims made up and down the country, especially against the local councils. Many believe that the councils were unprepared for the conditions and did not do their best to cure or prevent the situation.

Due to the vast amount of these claims we could soon see a cap for the amount of money to be awarded in these situations. This may mean that the councils won’t be over run with claims of neglect during these peak accident times.

A combination of poor road and pavement surfaces, combined with the icy conditions and a lack of gritting on these areas meant that many people have fallen victim of these elements and injured them selves.

It was stressed throughout the spell of bad weather that no one should make any journeys unless they are deemed extremely important.

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