Drugs and Driving

Driving is a skill that many people choose to learn. Lessons are taken that teach you the best practices and fundamental skills that you need to drive safely behind the wheel of the car on your own. Experience is an essential element of the process that you will only really be able to gain with time.

It is with time however, that some drivers become to over confident and begin to take risks and chances that are unnecessary.  Some people even let outside factors alter their judgement which can prove to be fatal.

Drugs are a contributing factor to many deaths on the road. Driving whilst under the influence of drugs (legal or not) can have serious implications on how you react and perceive situations that arise when behind the wheel of the car.

Many prescription drugs indicate on the packaging or in the notes that heavy machinery should not be used and driving should be avoided if they are consumed. So what are the implications of taking drugs upon your driving?

They can slow down your reaction time. Unpredictable things happen out on the road. A car pulls out in front of you cutting you up, a child dashes across your path chasing his ball or a cat can pounce out from no where. These are things that you will need to react to quickly to avoid a road traffic accident and this can be difficult enough when your mind is clear.

Your judgement can also be misplaced when under the influence of drugs. Speed and size are often poorly guessed and can result in an accident that could have been avoided if the situation was approached with a clear mind.

Fatigue and drowsiness can also be a side effect of drugs. Some medication is so powerful that people underestimate the full impact. The drugs are taken and then they go out in their cars. The drowsiness then kicks in and before you know if you are struggling to keep your eyes open and all you want to do is sleep.

So if you are on medication you should seriously consider these side effects before you venture out for a drive to pick the kids up from school or head off to work. It might just save your life.

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