Adjustable Beds and Rise and Recline Chairs that you can customise? Amazing!

A rise and recliner chair can come in many styles and colours.When I began looking into the possibility of getting adjustable beds or rise and recline chairs for my elderly relatives, I thought that the lack of choice in style, colour and pattern might be an issue. My parents, in particular, are very proud of the way their living room furniture matches the rest of the room, and I know that my grandfather would hate for his bed to no longer match the rest of his room’s décor. I believed that finding something to match what they already had would be incredibly difficult.

As it turned out, I was entirely wrong. The level of customisation and tailoring that some companies offer on their recliner chairs and electric beds is simply incredible. You’re not just limited to their pre-made selection, but can specify the patterns and colours for the material they use, the style of the arms (for chairs), back and feet, the look of the padding and much, much more. I was amazed at how different the various options ended up looking once I’d applied my own choices to them.

Armed with this new knowledge, I got some photos of my relatives’ current chairs and beds and went about matching them as closely as possible. When I had some mock-ups of what their new furniture would look like, I took them to them and showed them. They’d had the same preconceptions that I did, and were amazed at how these images shattered those completely. They’re now seriously considering getting themselves some adjustable beds and chairs which will undoubtedly make their lives easier.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Charles Williams.