Use a Part Exchange Scheme for your Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed doesn't have to be an expensive purchase.If you’ve been putting up with an aching back or joints, find that you just can’t get comfortable at night or have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, then looking into adjustable beds could well be a good idea. You’ll find that many of those problems can be helped by making the change to an adjustable bed, as they can support you far better during the night, giving you a much more restful night’s sleep that won’t have you aching in the morning. They can even help you to your feet in the morning.

However, when looking for beds you might find that the price is a bit higher than you had budgeted for, but this shouldn’t be a problem. There are schemes available that will allow you to do a part exchange using your current furniture, and some suppliers will even go up to £300 of credit against your purchase, depending on the quality of your current bed. Similar schemes are also available for Rise and Recline chairs, so you can get your entire home fitted to provide much greater mobility than it currently does.

These part exchange programs are an excellent way to redesign your home’s furnishings to provide a much more comfortable lifestyle for you, and it also means you avoid all of the problems of removing your old furniture or trying to find space for the new. Instead, you simply reduce the value of your current chairs and beds from the total cost of your adjustable beds and rise and recline chairs.

Image courtesy of Flickr user fromcolettewithlove.