“Mobility Aids” Doesn’t Just Mean Scooters

There's more to mobility aids than just scooters.

There’s more to mobility aids than just scooters.

There seem to be a lot of people who believe that whenever somebody starts talking about “mobility devices” or “mobility aids”, they are talking about some form of motorised scooter or wheelchair. Or they might be thinking about stair lifts. However, people rarely consider the fact that some of the most popular mobility aids are actually those that stay in one place.

Adjustable beds and Rise and Recline chairs are some of the most popular choices when it comes to getting something that improves the quality of life for somebody with mobility issues. Why? Because they’re some of the most used items. A scooter may well help a person move around town, and a stair lift can certainly help them get from the ground floor to the first floor of their home, but an adjustable bed or rise and recline chair can make getting a good night’s sleep or having somewhere to relax possible once again. They can even help ease the aches and pains that are giving the person trouble when making the trip to town or up the stairs in the first place!

When a person spends a night in an adjustable bed or decides to sit in a rise and recline chair, they can be sure that their legs, spine and neck are all getting the support they need, and being kept in a position that places no strain on their joints. This means that the aches and pains that might have been caused by too much stress on key areas can be avoided, which is another reason these mobility aids are so popular.