Bathing Accessories to help the elderly use a bath or shower

Bathing AccessoriesThere are a number of special products developed to aid the elderly when showering or bathing. These bathing aids take some of the effort out of washing and also increase safety. A bathing cushion ensures you are carefully eased into the bath tub by gently inflating and deflating. The majority of bathing aids are easy to install and fit most bath shapes.

Bath Lifts

Perfect for those who need help lowering themselves into the bath as well as being raised to exit, a bath lift simplifies the process. The lift is a seat that in placed into the tub and risen to the lip of the bath. You can sit in the seat and lower yourself in whilst the bath fills to a comfortable water level.

Bath Steps

If stepping into the bath tub is challenging, a bath step could be a fantastic aid. These can be used along with bath grab bars to give additional support when stepping into the bath.

Grab Bars and Bath Support Rails

A great safety precaution for the bathroom is grab bars and bath support rails. You can have them fitted wherever you feel they are needed and they offer great support when navigating across the slippery bathroom. There are several shapes and sizes to suit your every need.

Shower Chairs

A shower is a more economical way of washing as it uses less than a 5th of the water used in a bath. There are a wide variety of shower stools and chairs available to suit all needs. Before purchasing you need to consider what chair would be best for you. Measure the area where the chair will be placed and if the chair will sit on a plastic shower tray you will need more than a basic 4 leg chair, more legs will spread the pressure and stop the plastic from cracking.

Bath Boards & Support Seats

If sitting down in the tub is a problem for you, a bath board or support is the aid you need. There are many different varieties available, before purchasing it is worth considering your bath type – if you have an enamel or steal bath tub you will have a choice of all boards & supports available but if you have a plastic tub you will need a board that sits across the top of the tub.

There are a wide range of bathing and showering aids on the market to support all needs and budgets