Help is here for back pain sufferers

With more and more of us experiencing back problems as we get older, it is now estimated that around 20 percent of the world’s population have some sort of back pain or are living with back discomfort of some kind.

For many of these back pain sufferers treatment is maybe not an option, especially for those living with long term conditions or physical disabilities, with lifestyle changes alone sometimes not being effective or even possible.

In today’s modern world help is at hand, as research and development into the advancements of mobility aids, such as the recliner chair range or specialist adjustable beds, could just be the answer to enhancing a person’s lifestyle and a way of seeing a reduction in discomfort and back pain while resting.

We have seen real leaps in technology and in the understanding of back pain and how to relieve it in a person’s day to day life recently. There have been significant breakthroughs in mobility aids, which have led to many advances and improvements in ergonomic adjustable chair and bed design.

In addition, we have also seen improved usability and functionality, which has not only resulted in increased accessibility, but also made these kinds of mobility aids much more affordable for the majority of customers.

Something as straight forward as rise and recline chairs can make all the difference to someone who suffers from ongoing back pain, especially when rising from a prolonged seated position. So, if you are a back pain sufferer, maybe it’s time you looked at the various modern mobility aids now available from a mobility specialist.