Options for modern gravestone and memorial materials

It is widely believed that gravestones are usually produced from solid granite, marble or slate or even hardwood. Today these materials are still relevant and widely available from many suppliers and manufacturers of gravestones or memorials.

Although often seen in eco-friendly burials, Wood used a lot less than materials such as marble, slate and granite headstones from AK Lander, which have been transformed to give an outstanding long lasting memorial. Now these and other permanent materials are being personalised using modern techniques to etch and inscribe lasting words of love and appreciation for a loved one in their final resting place.

These new processes for shaping, carving, etching or finishing memorial headstones means that you can often have a personal message of your very own choosing and an overall design can be produced to suit anyone’s requirements.

Even though granite stone headstones and memorials are often considered the most popular choice for many people, marble headstone’s offer the best flexibility for overall design, colour or style of inscription, especially if you would like an accompanying figure or statue to be displayed along side or within your desired memorial headstone design.

The finest marble used in the production of gravestones and memorials is considered by many people within the industry to be marble quarried from North West Italy, with the material displaying a classic white to blue-white veined marble colouring.

Lastly give some consideration to memorial care and maintenance, as sometimes this is often overlooked or not considered. Make sure you discuss all option for headstones and memorials when you contact you proffered specialist.