Top Three peculiar Spa treatments

Top Three peculiar Spa treatments A spa break is the perfect tool to release yourself from the shackles of everyday life, offering a feeling of relaxation like no other. If work, family or any other important factors in your life begin to test your patience, a trip to the spa provides the perfect release. While an authentic massage or the soothing comfort of hot stones are standard treatments, a number of more peculiar methods from around the world have begun to increase in popularity for spa seekers.

First we have the snake massage, currently hugely popular in Israel. For around £50, participants are asked to take off their clothes and lie down, shortly before being covered head to toe in snakes which are said to help relieve migraines and even soothe sore muscles.

While that one might have been peculiar, the next is sure to leave your sensations confused. The carp pedicure has been somewhat of a phenomenon across the Western world, particularly in the UK and USA. Participants are asked to remove their shoes and socks then place their feet in a task full of tiny carp. The fish, also known as ‘doctor carp’ get to work immediately nibbling away all of dead skin from your feet, leaving them feeling incredibly fresh in time for a full pedicure.

Finally we have the 24 carat gold facial, for those who really want to feel like royalty. Currently on offer across the pond in Santa Fe, the unique gold flecked serum is said to tighten and lighten skin, whilst also slowing down collagen depletion, which can be a main cause of sagginess and spots.

Image credit: Grand Velas Riviera Maya