Next generation of adjustable beds unveiled

The next generation of adjustable electric beds is on its way after it was announced that a bed has been developed which is compatible with the new iPhone 5.

Makers of adjustable beds are always looking to the future, looking to fulfil the needs of customers as technology grows and develops. The latest technological advancement has meant that the most high-tech adjustable beds can offer a full sleep system that can be controlled using a smartphone app.

Apps are available on smartphones, tablets, and, most recently, the new iPhone 5, meaning that users can adjust their beds using a small, wireless device that can also be connected up with other appliances linked to the bed. The advantages of this are that the user can easily adjust their lying or sleeping position without having to pick up a new device if the user is already reading an e-book in bed, for example.

On top of this, the smartphone app can really help users personalise their bed, perhaps allowing favourite positions to be saved so they can be restored at the click of a button, or providing advice as to the effectiveness of the user’s sleeping position as they make adjustments to the bed.

Although this development presents the very latest in adjustable bed technology, there are still plenty of great options out there. Personalisation of beds can occur every step of the way; from material choice to sleeping position, there is every opportunity to make your bed your personal sleeping space, with or without an iPhone 5.

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