60-year-old man becomes internet sensation for impressive physique

60-year-old man becomes internet sensation for impressive physiqueA 60-year-old man has become an internet sensation after he posted photos of himself on social entertainment and news website Reddit. Known only by his username CrazyDrummer, the man’s impressive strength and physique caught the attention of thousands of Reddit users.

The photograph shows 60-year-old CrazyDrummer after one of his regular workouts and his strong muscles make it clear that he has an incredible amount of strength and fitness. He is sure to need a cool off in walk in showers after the intense workout session that has resulted in 1,748 people commenting on his photo.

Many Reddit users have voiced their amazement at the man’s physique, saying that they hope to be as physically fit when they are 60 years old. One user named Bocajseivad even went on to say “Zeus is that you old buddy?” referring to CrazyDrummer’s long white beard as well as his muscles. This impressive 60-year-old joins the likes of 80-year-old Raymond Moon, a man named as the oldest male bodybuilder in the Guinness World Record books.


Image Credit: ~ggvic~ (flickr.com)