72-year-old Stringfellow prepares for fatherhood again

The most recognisable nightclub owner in the UK, Peter Stringfellow, and his wife, Bella, have announced that they are expecting their first baby together after marrying in 2009.baby and adult fingers

Stringfellow, whose namesake establishment and his various other clubs have courted controversy but earned him millions of pounds over the years, is now aged 72 and last became a father almost 50 years ago.

However, the Sheffield-born businessman has told reporters that he and his 30-year-old partner were ‘obviously overjoyed’ at the news, and that both of them were ‘up for the challenge’.

Stringfellow had a public falling out with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg earlier this year after the Lib Dem leader highlighted him as an example of the kind of wealthy pensioner who he believes should not be entitled to the universal Winter Fuel Payment benefit.

With high chairs more likely to make an appearance than stair lifts in Stringfellow’s house in the coming months, he has shown that it is never too late to embark upon an exciting new chapter of life.

Image credit: Thomas (flickr.com)