77-year-old woman still breaking athletic records

A woman who took up athletics as a professional sport in her 50s has gone on to win plenty of gold medals and break records, and although she recently turned 77, she is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.a women's pole vault athlete

Dorothy McLennan makes great use of riser recliner chairs after her rigorous workouts, a well deserved rest considering all of her achievements. A list of her accolades include world champion pole vaulter, sprinter and heptathlete and she is currently training three days a week for the British Masters Championship which she plans to compete in.

Saying that she has “had the most wonderful time”, Dorothy is still game for returning to the World Masters Championship, which is a competition of Olympic standards for athletes who are aged 35 or over. Having already won two gold medals at the competition, she will surely be looking to defend her impressive title.

Image Credit: Eric Guo. (flickr.com)