80-year-old woman raises £500 for sports club stairlift

An 80-year-old woman has been looking through hundreds of curved stairlifts in the search for the perfect independent-living device, not for herself but for the rugby club that is very close to her heart.fundraising event

Joy Seward, a lifelong patron of Sidmouth Rugby Club, is spearheading a campaign to get a stairlift installed at the rugby club, helping those with mobility problems to access the facilities on the first floor. The patrons’ lunch is normally held on the first floor, and Joy, finding it difficult to get upstairs herself, thought that more people could join in with the addition of a stairlift.

Sidmouth Rugby Club has always been a big part of Joy’s life, and having introduced her son to the sports club at just 7 years old, he has now become the chairman. He has shown a great deal of support towards his mum’s stairlift idea, and together they have so far raised £500 towards the cost of the lift.

Image Credit: HowardLake (flickr.com)