87-year-old man makes name for himself as karate master

87-year-old man makes name for himself as karate masterAn 87-year-old man has made an incredible name for himself in America after his passion for karate led him to turn his home into a dojo and teach swathes of people how to fight honourably. After spending many years honing his skills in Japan, Dan Sawyer laid the foundations for a long and successful career.

The black belt and karate master says that it takes years of practise and cooling offs in walk in showers for some of his greatest karate moves to become second nature, and through his expertise he has not only mastered several impressive moves but has also managed to teach to many others as well.

Mr Sawyer has earned the respect and admiration of many in his local community and also from those further afield; one 62-year-old student described his teacher as “the real deal” and his 60 years of competing in tournaments and teaching in Las Vegas has made him a frequently heard name within the martial arts community.

Image Credit: RodrigoFavera (flickr.com)