91-year-old woman saves neighbour from fire

A 91-year-old woman was declared a heroine last week when she saved her neighbour from a devastating fire in Knowle, Bristol. Jessamine Skuse saved her 97-year-old friend Evan Davis from a fire at their block of flats in Bristol and has won admiration from the fire brigade, family, friends and the local community.

Mr Davis had recently been discharged from hospital and Miss Skuse knew that he would find it difficult to move, so she helped him onto stairlifts to get him safely out of danger when she woke up and smelled the smoke from the fire. The fire brigade praised the actions of the 91-year-old, saying that she may well have saved the life of Mr Davis.

Miss Skuse has been modest about the experience and put most of it down to luck, saying that she has woken up at 6am everyday for the last 40 years, meaning that she could smell the smoke coming from Mr Davis’s flat when the fire started at 6.30am.


Image Credit: Mr.Thomas (flickr.com)