92-year-old man has surprise party at tennis centre

A tennis club in Wales threw a special surprise party this week for one of their regulars to celebrate his many years of coming to the club as well as his longevity. Basil Smith turned 92 this month, and is a very keen tennis player.balls on the tennis courts

As well as playing tennis twice a week at Swansea Tennis Centre, he makes an 80-mile round trip each time he goes to play. Basil normally plays a two hour game of mixed doubles twice a week and is by far the eldest person there, but he can still give his opponents a run for their money.

Basil describes tennis as one of his great passions in life and says it is a great way to keep “young in heart and healthy in body”. Having enjoyed the sport as a 9-year-old child, he has continued to do what he loves best, and is happy to return home for a well-deserved rest in chairs for the elderly after a demanding session.

Image Credit: Bill David Brooks (flickr.com)