American woman gets married at 88 years old

An American woman has shown that you’re never too old to tie the knot, after an 88 year old from Pennsylvania got married for the first wedding rings

It really was love at first sight for retirement home resident Betty Jane Allshouse, meeting her sweetheart Walter Lowman, 78, when he sat next to her at dinner just six months previous. It was a good job that the pair got acquainted, with Betty considering giving up on the idea of marriage after not finding the one true love during her youth.

Talking every night at dinner, they quickly developed a strong relationship and Walter wasted no time in popping the question. Betty initially said she would think about the idea, but the next day said yes and so the wedding plans begun.

It is a fantastic story, with Walter and Betty sure to live out the rest of their lives together in riser recliner chairs.

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