Britain’s oldest female surfer to have film based on her life

The story of Britain’s oldest female surfer is soon to be made into a surf documentary which charts her incredible achievements. At 68-years-old, Gwynedd Haslock from Cornwall is a very special woman who has achieved a great deal in her lifetime.fins on a surf board

Filmmaker Rodney Sumpter wanted to tell the story of Gwynedd, who has been an inspirational surfer since the 1950s. Since then, surfboards have developed just as much as stairlifts, and from her first attempts with a wooden belly board she is now surfing using the latest and greatest in polyurethane and fibreglass to tackle the great Cornish waves.

The film will chart the life of the skilled surfer, using quotes, photos and archived data to construct a documentary entitled ‘Surf Magic’ about the renowned woman. Over three decades, she has won a number of surfing competitions, and the film looks to be as much a celebration of her life as a celebration of surfing.

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