Burnley woman still serving coffee at 100 years old

Burnley woman still serving coffee at 100 years oldA woman from Burnley celebrated her 100th birthday this week and a special celebration was held for her at her local church. Freda Jackson is a friendly and familiar face in the community and her years of serving coffee meant that a big celebration was in order for her centenary.

Freda’s local Methodist church has benefited from years of her service as head of the coffee bar at the church, and around 50 people in her local community came together to organise a celebration for her 100th birthday. Freda enjoyed a special lunch and birthday cake with her friends after a church service which featured her favourite meal: pies and peas.

Friends of Freda’s have commented on her role in the community and have described her as “unflappable” and someone who sets a great example. When asked about her longevity, Freda said the key was to “just keep moving”, whether you use stair lifts or not.

Image Credit: jessica.diamond (flickr.com)