Charles Eugster named world’s fittest pensioner at 93-years-old

Charles Eugster named world's fittest pensioner at 93-years-old93-year-old Charles Eugster has been named as the world’s fittest pensioner by The Telegraph after journalist Sarah Rainey visited the former dentist to see the man for herself. It is not just the vast number of awards that has made Charles Eugster famous, it is also the incredible progress he has managed to achieve in as little as 8 years.

Although he spent the majority of his life as a dentist, the 93-year-old is now more well-known for his athletic achievements. Since he began exercising at the age of 85, he has won over 100 fitness trophies. Not all of these were in specialist older categories, making his incredible strength and fitness particularly impressive.

Charles Eugster currently lives in Switzerlandand has become quite the celebrity in mainland Europe, becoming both a household name through his appearances in advertisements and music videos. He is sure to continue his fame as he is always trying his hand at new activities, from using stair lifts to taking his first steps into wakeboarding.


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