Fauja Singh says he will continue to run for charity

Fauja Singh says he will continue to run for charityWe recently reported that 101-year-old marathon runner Fauja Singh had announced that he would soon be retiring from running in long-distance competitive races, and last weekend he did just that after finishing a 10km marathon event in Hong Kong.

Fauja Singh has become famous in recent years for his incredible stamina and fitness, earning him the nickname the ‘Turbaned Tornado’ for the impressive number of marathons he has completed. After completing this final marathon, he will surely enjoy a cool down in walk in showers, but he has said that this is not the end for his running career.

He managed to raise £13,500 for charity when he ran theHong Kongrace, and the 101-year-old has said that he will run again for charity rather than competition. He still retains the crown as oldest marathon runner, a title he won in 2011 when he ran theTorontomarathon aged 100.


Image Credit: _e.t (flickr.com)