Grandmother and her scooter become internet sensation

Barbel Roerig from Perth, Australia has become an internet sensation after thousands of people watched a YouTube video of her pushing herself around the city on her scooter. The 74-year-old grandmother has said that scooting around has been just as good for her sore knees as curved stairlifts and she will carry on scooting to the shops and back.riding a scooter in town

There were fears that Barbel would not be able to carry on her scooting after her scooter broke, but the local newspaper and a skateboarding internet sensation came together to help her find the perfect replacement, which she tested vigorously with her typical shopping load of six full carrier bags.

The grandmother loves her new scooter and has said that it “feels like I’m dancing” when she takes it around the city. After spending 3 hours choosing this particular scooter, it is no surprise that she uses it whenever she gets the chance, and many more videos of her adventures are likely to find their way onto YouTube very soon.

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