Independent American woman celebrates 100th birthday

Dorothy Hart has been an independent woman for all of her life, and her years of hard work and dedication to her family were celebrated this week at her 100th birthday party. Held at the two-storey farm house which she shares with her niece in Kansas, family from all across the USA came to celebrate Dorothy’s big day.100th Birthday celebrations

She received a number of thoughtful gifts from her family, a task made difficult as Dorothy is a woman who has all that she needs. Just as stair lifts are useful in helping her to tackle the stairs at home, her great-nephew, Ted Koller, gave her a gift which would help keep her warm; a blanket patterned with photographs of her family.

When looking back on her life, Dorothy can proudly say that she worked very hard. After finishing high school she worked as an office girl in a store, as well as taking care of her mother and the family farmhouse from a young age. There was no better way to celebrate her 100th birthday than to be surrounded by her family that she has cared for all her life.

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