Indian train stations to be more accessible thanks to stairlifts

Indian train stations to be more accessible thanks to stairliftsTrains stations in India are soon to be redeveloped to make it easier for older people to navigate around some of the busiest stations in the country. Pawan Kumar Bansal, Union Minister for Railways, announced this week that a number of escalators and curved stairlifts will be installed at some of the busiest train stations in India.

Around 179 escalators and 400 lifts form part of the proposal for major railway stations inIndia, and Bansal made this proposal during his rail budget speech in an Indian parliament meeting. He told other ministers that this redevelopment is a step forward in terms of the government accepting their responsibility for taking care of all people who use the railway network.

As well as these new lifts and escalators, the proposal also included installing a number of Braille stickers to help people find the correct coaches and toilets, on top of making coaches wheelchair-friendly.


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