Innovative ‘HenPower’ scheme set to be expanded

A unique new project which aims to enrich the lives of pensioners in the Tyne and Wear town of Gateshead by giving them the chance to adopt their own hens has proven so successful that it is now set to be extended across five other range hens

Known as ‘HenPower’, the innovative scheme has been set up by the ‘henologist’ Jos Forester-Melville, on behalf of local charity Equal Arts, and was designed as a way of helping mature people who feel that they can no longer look after more demanding animals like dogs enjoy the company of a pet which they can take care of with relative ease. Now, tentative plans are being made to bring HenPower to Scotland, London, and many destinations in between.

Mobility aids such as accessible showers and curved stairlifts are extremely effective when it comes to improving the physical quality of life of people who are growing older, but schemes like HenPower have a significant role to play in ensuring this is also achieved in terms of mental and emotional wellbeing.

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