Market research names over-55s as shoppers of the future

Market research names over-55s as shoppers of the futureA retail market research company has announced the results of their latest report, revealing that those aged 55 and over are the age group that will dominate the high street and shopping centres in the near future. Analysts working for Conlumino have suggested that these statistics show that retailers need to adapt to make the shopping experience as good as possible for this important demographic.

The predictions made by Conlumino suggested that those aged 55 and over will contribute towards two-thirds of growth in the retail sector over the next 10 years, which is expected to be 2.4% of £377 billion in 2022.

Analysts have said that retailers need to improve the shopping experience for this age group if they are going to compete with online retailers, such as increasing the amount of car parking space, adding more services such as curved stairlifts and restaurants and branching out the range of products available for the increasingly fashion conscious and tech-savvy over-55s.

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