Pensioner and younger husband renew wedding vows

A couple who made national headlines when they married in 2005 have renewed their wedding vows seven years on in a bid to prove to critics that their love ‘has no barriers’.bride & groom wedding cake figurines

Simon and Edna Martin were aged 32 and 70 respectively when they tied the knot after first meeting at an organ concert in 2003, with some of their friends and family questioning whether the union would go the distance.

Now, however, the couple say that they love each other ‘more than ever’, and still both enjoy active and full lifestyles, which includes the regular holding of cinema and theatre events at their home in the town of Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Although the need for products like stairlifts may be limited to people who are growing older or living with a disability, Edna and her partner Simon have shown that age is no restriction whatsoever when it comes to finding love and enjoying life.

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