Studies highlight global secrets to longevity

Various studies have been conducted across the world which investigate the secrets of longevity in groups of people who tend to have long life expectancies and high average ages. Popular British newspaper The Sun has compiled the results of many of these studies and have highlighted a number of lifestyle factors which appears to have helped many people live to be 100 and older.Sushi - Miyako

Japan’s Okinawa Archipelago is famed for being home to some of the world’s longest-living people, and a study highlighted their diet of eating foods high in antioxidants and steering clear from over-eating. The residents of Hunza in Pakistan attributed their exceptional good health to a balanced diet and plenty of exercise; they are happy to walk everywhere they go.

Diet and exercise are two ways in which many people across the globe can help lead healthy, long lives, but using independent-living devices such as stairlifts have also been proven to greatly enhance quality of life too, offering all of us the potential to stay active and independent in our own homes.

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