Study highlights Facebook as a great way to boost cognitive function

Study highlights Facebook as a great way to boost cognitive functionEarly research findings from a study by the University of Arizona have suggested that Facebook can help sharpen our mental abilities as we get older. Adults over the age of 65 who learn to use the social networking site are reported to have seen a significant boost in their cognitive function.

The preliminary findings of the study were revealed at the International Neuropsychological Society Annual Meeting and suggested that older people performed around 25% better on certain cognitive tasks after using Facebook. A research group of 14 Facebook users were compared to 14 users of an online diary site, the key difference being that the posts that each person had to put online each day remained private on the diary site.

Those who used Facebook showed the most significant improvements in terms of mental updating abilities compared to before they used the site, whereas other participants did not experience much change. Once the study is fully completed, it may suggest that older people spend some time sitting down in chairs for the elderly and getting to know all about social networking sites.


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