The Guardian interviews some of Britain’s older workers

The Guardian interviews some of Britain's older workersThe number of older people still working is on the rise, and The Guardian has responded to this news by interviewing some of these people who are proving that life can be whatever you make of it when we get older.

One such person is 80-year-old Neville Parry, who believes that he could be the oldest chief projectionist in the country. His first job as a 14-year-old was as a projectionist, and although he became an ambulance driver for many years, he always found time for the cinema. He says that he gets better at his job with age, as experience and improving technology keep him on his toes.

Writer and former editor Diana Athill, 95, is another older worker, whose passion for writing has kept her working hard. Just as she has the power to choose the stair lifts she wants to for her home, she also says that she doesn’t have to “take orders from anybody” and can write what she wants to write about.

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