Warrington pensioner hails gay marriage decision

An 81-year-old man from near Warrington in Cheshire has hailed the results of a Commons vote that brings gay marriage a step closer to being enshrined in law, saying that he ‘never thought’ such a day would come in his lifetime.two wedding rings

Retired hospital administration worker James Daniels was sent to prison for nine months for engaging in homosexual activity when he was 18 years old, before the act was legalised in 1967, and has recalled how he and others he knew were ‘abused by the police’ and ‘treated like dirt’ on a regular basis.

Now, however, Daniels has spoken of his delight about the extent to which social attitudes have changed over the last few decades, saying that he is proud of the ‘wonderful freedom’ that can now be enjoyed by gay citizens throughout the UK.

While mobility items such as stair lifts are able to greatly increase the comfort of people as they grow older, the satisfaction that James and others like him who have had to live through discrimination now feel has an equally important part to play in ensuring peace of mind.

Image credit: Firemedic58 (flickr.com)

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