105-year-old woman has guest spot on Ellen DeGeneres show

A woman from Santa Barbara in California was recently seen enjoying the comfort of chairs for the elderly in front of millions of people. 105-year-old Edyther Kirchmaier was recently seen on two popular American chat shows: The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.Ellen Degeneres in public

Edyther Kirchmaier recently celebrated her 105th birthday and had appearances on both television shows to mark both her longevity and incredible good health. Both shows have huge fan bases and millions of people tuned in to see the centenarian appear with the hosts and hear about what she has seen and done throughout her life.

She has lived in Santa Barbara for most of her life and bought her current house back in 1948. When Jay Leno asked how much she paid for her house, the response of $14,000 left viewers stunned, particularly as Santa Barbara is well known for having properties that cost millions of pounds.

Image Credit: Alan Light (flickr.com)