106-year-old man receives his high school diploma

A 106-year-old man has finally received his high school diploma after his former Massachusetts high school recognised his efforts. Fred Butler is just the latest in a series of older people who have been awarded high school diplomas in recognition of their efforts.high school diploma

The 106-year-old was forced to drop out of school before he began the ninth-grade to support his mother and five brothers and sisters. He has said that not having a diploma did not hold him back and he went on to serve in the army during World War II as well as raising five children, working for the city’s water department and enjoying a happy marriage for 65 years.

The diploma was awarded at a special ceremony attended by the town’s mayor and a number of school officials. Although he has lived a happy life and has been able to afford useful devices such as curved stairlifts, he was clearly happy to receive his certificate and thanked everybody who was involved.

Image Credit: KOMUnews (flickr.com)