106-year-old woman receives high school diploma

A 106-year-old woman has received her high school diploma, 88 years after she left school. Reba Williams from Ohio, USA was awarded her diploma from the Mount Vernon Board of Education after they realised that she had never been given her document of graduation.high school diploma

Back in 1925, Reba was a senior in High School and refused to complete one of her assignments. As a result, the school refused to award her the diploma that would have acted as a seal of approval. Although Reba went on to lead a successful and happy life – getting married, bringing up children and working as a chef – she can now officially say that she has graduated from high school.

Friends and family have described her as “sharp as a tack” and Reba herself was happy to receive the diploma. Now, she can place the diploma in her living room in pride of place for guests sitting in riser recliner chairs to see.

Image Credit: soundman1024 (flickr.com)