90-year-old woman becomes Britain’s oldest first-time buyer

One lucky woman was named Britain’s oldest first-time buyer after finally became the owner of her own home at 90 years old. Hannah Cameron recently purchased a one-bedroom apartment which she said has made her happier than ever, particularly as she can do anything she likes with it, from installing stair lifts to painting everything her favourite colour.house for sale sign

The great-grandmother decided to purchase her own property after her husband died, leaving her to take care of their large farmhouse by herself. The size of the property was difficult for her to maintain by herself, so Hannah decided to purchase a smaller property in her hometown of Moray, Scotland. She now lives in a £100,000 apartment and has settled in very well.

A keen baker, Hannah says that she now invites friends and family round all the time to enjoy her baking, something which was more difficult to do when she lived in the farmhouse. As well as loving her new kitchen, she has also made a number of new friends who are all very proud to say that they know Scotland’s oldest first-time buyer.

Image Credit: Diana Parkhouse (flickr.com)