99-year-old man receives recognition for 76 years of aviation dedication

A man from Texas recently featured in the news as his passion for aviation continues to amaze local residents and flying professionals. Eugene Engledow has dedicated his life to flying and even though he will be turning 100 this year, he is not letting anything hold him back.Small sized airplane

He has been flying planes for over 76 years and from his start at 23-years-old, he has gone on to climb to great heights. When he started out, flight technology had only existed for 30 years, and from his initial interest in planes, he gradually took his first steps into flying during a lesson which cost $6 at the time.

As well as flying planes, he gradually built up the kind of engineering skills that makers of curved stairlifts have, working as an aeronautics mechanic and fixing planes after Pearl Harbor was bombed. Now, he has been granted a number of awards for his 70 years of service, and although he doesn’t fly as much as he used too, he still fixes, buys and sells planes for his enjoyment.

Image Credit: Public Domain Photos (flickr.com)